Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Members may note BBG South is now an Affiliated Member of The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry since May 2013. The chamber organizes a number of programs on which we will keep members advised. Please see below the services provided by MCCI.

  • Dissemination of information to members on an ongoing basis on changes in policies and legislations impacting business, market opportunities, emerging technologies and other relevant matters.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences on topics of current interest for the benefit of members.
  • Arranging meetings with Government officials and liaise and lobby with State and Central Government and their agencies for appropriate policies.
  • Conduct trainings and workshops for capacity building of employees of member companies.
  • Arranging meeting with visiting delegations to foster business collaborations.
  • Acting as responsible voice of the member companies to represent to Government, both State and Centre, for redressal of the grievances and issues of member companies.
  • Acting as a think tank through the various Expert Committees of the Chamber and assisting Government in formulations of policies concerning industry and commerce and submitting Pre and
  • Post- Budget memorandum to the State and Central Government.
  • Commissioning studies on subjects of importance which affect the trade & industry whenever necessary.
  • Interconnecting members and provide expert advice through interactive webpage.
  • Issuing of Certificate of Origin for export shipments and attesting various other documents.
  • Issuing of recommendation letters for visa purposes for representatives of member companies for visits abroad
  • Holding of arbitration of commercial disputes between members and others
  • Our latest venture is the establishment of Skill Development Centre and we dedicate this to our State of Tamilnadu at the conclusion of our 175th year. Through this we endeavor to develop skilled manpower and help to place them with member companies.