Women’s Initiative

Note from member, Kalpana Sankar, Managing Trustee, Hand in Hand India

Economic opportunities dictate the quality of women’s economic involvement as leaders in decision-making capacities, beyond their mere presence as workers. There is a particularly serious problem even in the developed countries, where women may gain employment with ease, but their employment is only in poorly paid sectors, and there is less opportunity for upward mobility. The challenge to fight gender inequality is related to the social and economic structure, which is based on informal and formal norms and practices.

The problem for women in developing economies is particularly acute. Though the slightly better off women enjoy social recognition, there are millions who are trying to overcome extreme poverty. This initiative of BBG to enhance leadership abilities and address issues of concern related to women deserves commendation. I congratulate Mr.Christie Cherian, Chairman, BBG for his interest in women empowerment and for creating a platform for women leaders and entrepreneurs to foster economic growth and strengthen societies.

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