It gives us great pleasure to advise that JDS Food Products won the “Best SME” Award at 1st BBG Awards Ceremony at the National Meet in Mumbai on 21st September 2013.

Devdas Reddy and Bhuvaneswari Devdas have been in the pappadum and related business for two decades. This Award is testimony to many years of steady hard work and perseverance. For information, in 2012 they won the “Gem of India” Award and in 2013 the “Udyog Gaurov” Award from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. We commend their achievement and wish them continued success

BBG’s 24th Monthly Meeting held on 21st August 2013 was scheduled as the valedictory meeting for Mike Nithavrianakis, Deputy High Commissioner. The meeting opened with Peter Spackman, Co-Chairman welcoming special invitees/guests and members. The Chairman then addressed members on BBG news. He spoke about recommending our SME, JDS Food Products for the BBG Awards at the National Conference in Mumbai in 20th / 21st September 2013 (JDS Food have since won the SME Award).

Committee Member, Shajee Varghese and Co-Chairman, Ravi Kumar spoke about the special qualities of Mike Nithavrianakis that endeared him to all members. Also how BBG developed from a few networking meetings held at Cottingley towards end of 2010/ early 2011. From those small beginnings, Mike has encouraged and supported the growth of BBG Chennai both in the development of membership and in the various events and in getting good speakers. The biggest contribution came from Mike in the form of his strong support for the 2nd National Meet held in September 2012 which was a resounding success.

Mike Nithavrianakis then took the podium and spoke at length on his experiences and the wonderful times he had in Chennai and relationships he made all over South India as well as the country as a whole

Christie Cherian presented Mike Nithavrianakis with a silver salver and plaque honoring him as BBG’s Founding Patron.

As appreciation of Mike’s popularity, we had the best attended meeting with 84 attendees.

Mike continues in Chennai till 18th October 2013, when he formally hands-over to Bharat Joshi.