BBG Chennai Plans for 200+ members by Mid 2017

On 18th Aug, 2016 BBG Chennai had its Monthly Meeting wherein the plans for the 2016-17 were shared. Please find the presentation attached below, for your reference.

Apart from a plan of achieving 200+ members we also have planned the below initiatives:

Monthly meetings
Continue with our monthly meeting schedule with a format of alternative formal and networking events
Christmas party; December 2016 likely the weekend after the National conference

Support for other BBGs
Support the revival of Hyderabad – Following up a list of 20 or so former members from the Jerry Duggan days
Help to encourage growth of Bangalore – Currently stuck at around 20 members
Support Kolkata in arranging the BBG national conference IN December 2016

Continued engagement with BDHC/UKTI
Support for any ‘Post Brexit’ trade initiatives and missions
Regular information exchange meetings

Co-ordination with the MCCI and other Foreign Business Groups
Continue regular attendance at the MCCI
Revive interaction with other Chennai based Foreign Business Groups
U.S., Japanese, Belgium etc.

Meetings of BBG South India Chapters
Changing membership profile is making these less frequent but plan to still hold in Kochi and Trinadrum 2-3 times during the year

Other events
Heritage walk in the old business district
Late September/early October
Remembrance day event at the Commonwealth War Memorial
Golf day/networking event ~ date to be confirmed