BBG Chennai visits BBG Goa & Goa Chamber of Commerce

During the 2013 BBG National Conference Christie Cherian and Beryl Nassé discussed the possibility of a joint meet between BBG Chennai and Goa, these discussions resulted in four BBG Chennai members visiting Goa on the 29th and 30th November to investigate possible links between activities in Goa and how they could interact with BBG Chennai members.

The members from Chennai were
1. Christie Cherian – MD – – Red Sky – property services/ MCI Consulting – corporate finance
2. R Balajee, Director – Converging World Renewable Energy – wind / solar/ biomass
3. Ravi Kumar – Zanec Softech – Healthcare IT and Related Software
4. Nagendran Annamalai – Tirupathi Green Energy – Renewable Energy

It was agreed that this would be an ideal opportunity to visit the two incubation centres based in Goa the Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) and Goa IT Innovation Centre (GITIC) and give the entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their projects.

The overall consensus was that the time spent at the incubation centres by BBG Members from Chennai and Goa was valuable with the members from both groups considering the possibility of mentoring options to some of the entrepreneurs.

The day closed with a dinner for all BBG Goa members to meet with the delegation from Chennai.

On the 30th November a meeting with Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry was organised and BBG members met with members of the Chamber. BBG Chennai members introduced themselves to the meeting followed by a round table discussion which ended in an agreement that more interaction between BBG groups and GCCI investigating commercial ventures rather than government projects could be beneficial to all concerned.

All BBG members who took part in the 2 day event agreed that it was time well spent and believe that this will lead to more activity between the groups in both states.

The President of GCCI hosted a lunch for all who attended the meeting and is very keen to follow up on the discussion and for GCCI participate in a visit to Chennai.