BBG Goa bids farewell to Beryl Nasse

On 8th August 2014, the BBG Goa membership hosted a touching farewell to their President, Beryl Nasse who had been the mainstay of this Group since inception in 2007.

Beryl had brought together the small resident British community in Goa with some UK related business folks. She had created relations with the Goa Chamber and local business community as also with two business incubation centres.

She had for some years served as BDHC’s Warden in Goa and one of her big achievements was the 1st mobile UK Visa Unit. She was also great at organising the very first BBG National Conference in Goa (while undergoing chemotherapy).

Beryl had also got Chennai to bring a delegation into Goa as a first useful Inter-BBG meeting with Goa Chamber and other business interactions.

Our Christie Cherian and Ravi Kumar who both got to know her well were present at the event. Christie spoke of how she brought a bit of England and a sense of English-ness to a part of India which had been a Portugese colony for 400+ years. All our thoughts and prayers go with her as she leaves for UK mid-August.