BBG Kolkata reception held on 23rd May 2014

A well-attended networking Reception was held on 23rd May 2014 at Bengal Club, Kolkata hosted by Christie Cherian and Shourya Mandal of Fox&Mandal, Kolkata in the presence of Scott Furssedonn-Wood, Deputy High Commissioner, Eastern India, BDHC – Kolkata.

With 28 attendees from UK companies, UK-related business such as tea exporters and UKTI-Kolkata & British Council, a formal meeting was addressed by Shourya Mandal welcoming all guests. Scott Furssedonn-Wood spoke of his pleasure in seeing this new BBG taking shape and felt it would add great value to India-UK business in Eastern India.

Christie Cherian addressed the gathering exploring the BBG establishment through India. He also spoke of the history of having set-up BBG in Chennai three years ago, now with 150+ members. Christie also spoke about helping BBG’s in Hyderabad and Bangalore set up during 2013. He hoped that an initial Steering Committee could work towards an official launch during September 2014. For this, he called upon 2-3 attendees to join Shourya Mandal in this Steering Committee to work on constituting BBG Kolkata, possibly as an Association or Society.

BBG Chennai presented the meeting with a display standee (as shown here on the left) with all of Calcutta’s (old name) iconic landmarks on the sky-line reflected onto the Hooghly. We wish the best of luck to the new BBG in Kolkata!