BBG Meeting at Madras Boat Club – 21st August 2014

The 36th meeting was held for a change, first- time at a club venue, in aptly called, “Stroke-side” function- room of 147-year old rowing club of Chennai.

The meeting featured newly set-up UKIBC’s British Business Centre at Bangalore and in Gurgoan/ Connaught Place at Delhi. UK India Business Council promotes UK-India trade and business, facilitating trade through B2B dialogue and offers services of business centres. Arun Naranyan-Director, presented his centre and services at Bangalore followed by Rohit Singh from Delhi who heads market entry and research for new businesses from UK. UKIBC has been established in London since 2007, with UKTI funding

Company presentation of our member, Anand and Anand was presented by Shaan Katari Libby, Senior Associate covering Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and setting out her firm’s offerings

Earlier, the Chairman spoke about the relevance and value of brands, both in India and world-wide (top 100 valued at US$2.6 trillion) The big guru in the religion of branding was UK’s Wally Olins (passed away in April 2014). His key insight – brands are integral and long-term to any strategy for products and services. Two truths recognised by Olins about our materialistic modern economy – first, most precious resource is people’s attention and second, consumers are not looking just for utility – they look for meaning (in absence of real spirituality, forget religion). The idea of what a brand stands for is a great substitute – like Nike’s Just do It!

The formal meeting was followed by lively fellowship amongst 50+ attendees joined by our Patron, Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner over club-fare / wines & beers