The Converging World wins the JP Morgan Beacon Fellowship

“The Beacon Fellowship Charitable Award” supported by JP Morgan for 2013, recongnises the various forms that philanthropy can take and this award for impact investment honours those who have imaginatively used their financial resources to promote the public good, without necessarily depleting their fiscal resources in the process. Impact investors are primarily motivated by a social, environmental or charitable challenge, but seek to generate a positive ‘blended’ return from their investments, of both social and financial nature, often with the goal of expanding their philanthropy resources, rather than seeking enrichment for its own sake.

Winning this “JP Morgan Beacon Fellowship Award for 2013” is important to TCW, because it proves that, despite common misconceptions, the business of philanthropy is not about solely giving away money; it is about solving problems and advancing causes that people care about. Achieving meaningful change in a complex world requires more than money – it also relies on money being well deployed, as those honoured . The awardees under this “Impact Investment” category for 2013 are:

Sir Ronald Cohen
Nick O’Donohoe
John Pontin OBE and Wendy Stephenson

In the image, Mr. John Pontin, OBE and Wendy Stephenson can be seen receiving the award.