Chairman’s Annual Report 2013/14 from the AGM

We conducted our AGM on 24th of July 2014 and you can find the pictires and Chairman’s Annual Report below.
Membership – 39 new members

We had 134 members last year and now have 153 (ambitious target of 175 missed). We do lose members in normal course with transfers/ dropping membership/ closures – lost 20 members last year. Adding new members is a priority area with the objective to reach critical mass of 200 members. All our Committee work hard to bring new members and we are grateful to Jamie Cribb and now Tammy Sandhu and their colleagues in UKTI / BDHC in introducing new arrivals.

Monthly Meetings / Committee sittings

12 monthly meetings and networking sessions were held, aside from visiting delegations and meetings with other foreign chambers. Your Committee met monthly to keep activities happening and in handling plans of delegations/ web-site development/ guest speakers /event planning. Good event was the Christmas Party of 5th Dec 2013

Charitable Donations

We continued to make donations for 3 good causes


The web-site has been a useful tool in the work Chennai has done in supporting other BBGs in Hyderabad and Bangalore. More recently, it helped garner interest with over 50 potential members for the new BBG in Kolkata under plans to launch in September 2014

We wish to see more contributions of items of Indo-British interest from all our members, not just covering business but also education and culture and development

New BBGs

We continue to support Gerry Duggan, our member based in Hyderabad with advice and assistance to keep BBG Hyderabad active (not easy as less numbers of UK companies and persons operating there) – membership: 25

We also instigated conveners in Bangalore to start BBG Bangalore in July 2013 – it took them several months to generate memberships and 3 meetings held since – membership at 30, growing

We have been in contact with UK companies in Kolkata to see if we could push for a BBG in that city. Through our member, Fox Mandal contacts were made and an introductory meeting held on 23rd May 2014. This is leading to a launch in September 2014.which will be the 9th BBG in India

A new BBG was revived in Ahmedabad since mid-2013 and have membership of 25 – we have established contacts

UKIBC India activities

We in Chennai have not had too much interface with UKIBC India as their developments have been in Delhi and Mumbai. In Delhi, an impressive British Business Centre was opened in Gurgaon with a satellite centre in Connaught Place, Delhi under Richard McCullum, CEO

In July 13, they opened a Centre in Hosur Road, Bangalore and one is under development/ fit-outs in Kurla, Mumbai

For launch later this year.

In Chennai, they expect to meet us in August 2013/ The Chairman and Peter Spackman visited UKIBC in London on 10th July 14

Other activities with BDHC / UKTI and other related groups

We work closely with both BDHC and with UKTI – useful regular meetings have taken place and continue. Additionally, the following major connections and activities took place

– 3rd National Conference Mumbai 20/21 September 2013

– FCO meeting Oct 2013

– Meetings with AmCham and Indo-German Chamber

– Basildon Council visit Oct 2013 and July 2014

– In January 2014, 8 members delegation went to Dubai and Meet with BBG Dubai and also Dubai chamber of Commerce

– In November 2013, 4 members delegation went to Goa

– UK Tamilnadu Chamber Conference in Parliament, London 8 May 14 – attended by Bharat Joshi & Christie Cherian

– British SI Chamber meeting in Parliament, London promoting South India business on 10th July 2014

BBG Committee

The BBG Committee such as ours works on voluntary basis and membership in the initial years of setting-up such groups is on an invitation basis. Members of the Committee contribute their time and skills and introduce new members/ bring speakers/ arrange events and sponsor/ fund activities and most important they work together in a team. I thank each of our Committee for all their help and availability in making another successful BBG year in Chennai. With this I add my word of appreciation to our Patron, Bharat Joshi and all his staff at BDHC and UKTI for their continued support

Christie Cherian
BBG Chennai Trust